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Language focus unit 4 trang 52 sgk tiếng anh 10

Exercise 1: Complete these sentences, using the + one of the adjectives\'.( Điền các câu này. dùng the + một trong những tính từ.)


Pronunciation : [D ] - ( a:)

Grammar and Vocabulary :

                                      1, The + adjective

                                      2,Used to + bare infinitive

                                      3,Connector Which                                                       Grammar and Vocabulary

Exercise 1: Complete these sentences, using the + one of the adjectives'.

( Điền các câu này. dùng the + một trong những tính từ.)

injured                 poor           rich                sick               unemployed           Young

-The young have the future in their hands.

-Ambulances arrived at the scene of the accident and took the injured to hospital.

-Life is all right if you have a job. but things are not so easy for the unemployed.

-Julia has been a nurse all her life. She has spent her life caring for the sick

-In England there is an old story about a man called Robin Hood. It is sait that he robbed the rich and nave the money to the poor.

Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with used to + if suitable verb. (Điền các câu với used to + một dộng từ thích hợp.)

1 .used to smoke    2. used to have       3. used to live              4. used to cat    5. used to he        6. used to take         7. used to be               8. did you use lo eo

Exercise 3: Join a sentence from A with one from B to make a new sentence

Use which. (Kết hợp một câu ở A với một câu ở B để làm một câu mới. Dùng which.)

1.Sheila couldn’t come to the party, which was a pity

2.Jill isn’t on the phone, which makes it difficult to contact her.

3.Neil has passed his examinations, which is good news.

4.Our night was delayed, which meant we had to wait for hours at the airport.

5.Ann offered to let me stay in her house, which was very nice of her.

6.The street I live in is very noisy at night, which makes it difficult to sleep.

7.Our car has broken down, which means we can't go away tomorrow.

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