Language focus - trang 108 - Unit 11 - Tiếng Anh 8 - Lớp 8

-ed and -ing participlesrnRequests with - Would/Do you mind if... ?rnWould/Do you mind + V-ing?

1. Look at the people in the schoolyard al Quang Trung School. Say who each person is.


===> 1. Em hãy nhìn mọi người trong sân trường Quang Trung rồi nói xem ngưòi đó là ai.

The boy reading the book is Ba.

The man walking up the stairs is Mr. Quang.

The woman carrying a bag is Miss Lien.

The boy standing next to Miss Lien is Nam.

The girl standing by the table is Lan.

The girls playing cards are Nga on the left and Hoa on the right.

2.  Look at this stall. Describe the goods for sale. Use the past participles of the verbs in the box.


===> 2. Em hãy nhìn quầy hàng và mô tả hàng hoá được bày bán. Sử dụng phân từ quá khứ của động từ trong khung.

The old lamp made in China is five dollars.

The green painted box is one dollar.

The truck made from recycled aluminum cans is two dollars.

The doll dressed in red is two dollars.

The flowers wrapped in blue paper is one dollar.

The toy kept in a cardboard box are ten dollars.

3. Work with a partner. Use these words to make and respond to requests. A check (S) means agree to the request a cross (X) means do not agree to the request.



===> 3. Hãy làm việc cùng bạn bên cạnh, sử dụng những từ này để yêu cầu và đáp lại lòi yêu cầu. Dấu (S) có nghĩa là đồng ý, còn dấu (X) có nghĩa là không đồng ý với lời yêu cầu.

<li>Would you mind moving your car? - No, of course not.</li>

<li>Would you mind putting out your cigarette? - No, of course not.</li>

<li>Would you mind getting me some coffec?- I'm sorry, I'm too busy right now.</li>

<li>Would you mind waiting a moment? - I’m sorry, I can't. I’m already late for work.</li>

4. Work with a partner. Look at the pictures. Ask questions and give suitable responses. The information on page 100 may help you.



a)         Request:         Do you mind if I sit down?

Response:  Please do.

b)         Request:         Would you mind if I smoked?

Response:          I’d rather you didn’t.

===> 4. Hãy làm việc cùng bạn bên cạnh, nhìn tranh rồi hỏi và đáp. Thông tin ở trang 100 có thể giúp em.

a. Do vou mind if I sit down?

Please do.

b. Would you mind if I smoked?

I'd prefer you didn't.

c. Do you mind if I postpone our meeting?

Not at all.

d. Do you mind if turn off the stereo?

I'd rather you didn't.

e. Would you mind if I turned on the air conditioner?

Please do.

f. Do you mind if I eat lunch while watching TV?

No, of course not.

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